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  • Welcome to my new site :-)

    みなさん、長らくお待たせ致しました。(え?誰も待ってないって!?)つーいーにっっ!!! 新装開店でございますっ:)過去数年の間に撮り続けた白黒写真、一挙大公開。カラー写真も追々とアップデートする予定です。乞うご期待!

    Thanks for visiting my new site!
    I have to admit that I was procrastinating for too long, but FINALLY here it is! I’m so excitied to share my black & white photography and the color photography will be up soon, so stay tuned!

    PS. Please don’t be shy – leave some commments NOW :D


    17 Responses to “Welcome to my new site :-)”

    1. Thomas says:

      Well, somebody has to start with the comments…

      Congratulations to your new site! :)

    2. サカエ says:

      Kazumiさんの写真を見るまで San Francisco が photogenic な街だってことをうっかり忘れてました。今後のアップデートも期待してます〜。

    3. Kazumi says:

      Hey, Thomas
      Thanks for breaking the slience…
      And, Congratulation to YOU to be free from working on my site ;P

      コメントどうもありがとう♪そうそう、San Franciscoも、なかなかいい所でしょ:)お散歩がてら、おNEWのカメラ持参で、素敵なイメージ、ばしばし撮ってくださいね。サカエさんの水中の世界も今度見せて欲しいです。

    4. Aaron says:

      It looks great Kazumi. The b & w photos are beautiful… Please keep posting more stuff!

    5. ゆうゆう says:

      心和む素敵な空間になりそうだわぁ~ この芝生?の上においたノートも素敵ねぇぇ もしかして横の葉っぱはしおり?? 

    6. ゆらら says:

      Congrats リニューアルオープン!


      P.S. 私の楽天のお気に入りリンクに入れてもよい?

    7. Kazumi says:

      Hi Aaron,
      Thanks for visiting! and I’m also looking forward to seeing more of your new photography project this year :D


      お気に入りリンク、是非お願いします。サイト、立ち上がったはいいけど、もっと写真撮らなきゃだわ!!! また、遊びに来てね。

    8. Jürgen says:

      Hello Kazumi!
      I really like your new website! Many greetings from

    9. Kazumi says:

      Hi Jürgen!

      Thanks! When are you coming back to such a photogenic place, San Francisco?

    10. What a fun, spacious, creative site! I love the space and the color and of course your photography is always so cool. Can’t wait to see the color ones…and more of your b&w’s! And that Thomas of yours…he is a wizard!

      I will put your website in our Offerings link as you are a creative we want to support – as you have supported us – through your life of creation!

      Fun! Teresa

    11. My dearest Kazumi
      It seems such a long time since we gathered together around Offerings.
      I am delighted to see your creative spark continue to light us all up as you launch this beautiful website. It is YOU. It is full of your essence, your seeing and your beauty. I love it.
      Thank you for sharing this with us all. May you and it continue to blossom and to bring us your unique voice.
      with love

    12. Kazumi says:

      Dear Teresa & Joanna,

      Thanks for all your support! I do miss our creative time together around Offerings, and hopefully we will all unite to celebrate our birthing!

    13. jill b says:

      kazumi, this site shows off your talents (and tomas’) brilliantly! i love it – especially the tour of san francisco with the inlayed photos. you make me want to run outside and take pictures right now! thank you for sharing! – jill

    14. Linda Birch says:

      dear kazumi, it’s such a joy to see your work alive on my screen. the elegance, subtlety, and the way you have of layering your treasures, it’s like a visit with you. I discover something new in my own seeing process every time I look at your work. thank you for making the world more exquisite.
      with much love,

    15. Mika says:


    16. Kazumi says:

      Dear Jill and Linda,

      Thanks for visiting my inner world :) Our creative time together among Offerings was definately inspiring for me. Can’t wait to see you soon to catch up!

    17. Kazumi says:


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